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Welcome to the home page of the Asphalt Academy (AsAc). This web site has been created to provide information related to knowledge and skills development in bituminous product technology.

The site is dynamic and is continuously being updated and changed. Consequently, we would welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the site structure and content. Should you have any information or content that you would like included on the web site please email us at

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Upcoming events

 08 Apr 2015 Bituminous Binders for Roads - Durban
 14 Apr 2015 Flexible Pavement Design Techniques: Bloemfontein
 14 Apr 2015 Nuclear Gauge Testing - Cape Town
 15 Apr 2015 Design and Construction of Surfaced Low Volume Roads - Gauteng
 20 Apr 2015 Traffic Signal Design and Optimization, with special emphasis on BRT - Durban
 04 May 2015 MTC Module 5 - Bituminous binder testing
 04 May 2015 Bridge & culvert inspector`s visual assessments - Cape Town
 06 May 2015 Introduction to Road Materials Engineering - Durban
 07 May 2015 Roadmarking Maintenance Management in Compliance with Legislation - Port Elizabeth
 11 May 2015 Road Safety Audits - Durban

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