Careers in the bitumen industry

BITUMEN  – helping to make South Africa great!

The bituminous industry, a great place to work

Have you thought of bituminous or asphalt roads as a career choice?

Every day, nearly every one of us will drive or walk on a road or pavement. This might be a municipal road in a suburb or a national highway linking major cities across our country. Whatever the road you use, bitumen has played a major role in the development of South Africa and achieved this almost unnoticed by many.

Can you imagine what some parts of our country would be like without blacktop roads.  When we step outside our homes, we expect to arrive at our destination without major hiccups.  Imagine what our travel times would be like if we did not have bituminous surfaced roads to take us there? Research tells us that 80% of passenger travel in SA is by road and the same figure applies to freight. So clearly, roads are a vital element of the fabric of society.

Roads are the arteries in which the country’s economic lifeblood flows.  In SA we have more than 600 000kms of roads that must be maintained on a regular basis. To do this, we need people. Maybe you have never thought of “building roads” as a career of choice. Have you considered working as a technician in an asphalt plant laboratory where strict adherence’s to specifications are required?  Or provide managerial or accounting support to an asphalt company?  Careers in the bituminous industry includes asphalt plant managers, administrators, road crews, researchers, engineers and a host of support personnel.All of whom play important roles in building and maintaining the roads we use every day.

So, regardless of whether you drive a car, receive mail at your home, or buy goods at the local shop, we are all affected by the roads network and its condition.

Sabita and the bituminous industry are paving the way forward to promote skills development and promote sustainable employment to enable a decent standard of living for all its’ people.

So, can you think of one career where you can see the benefits every time you walk out of your home?