Background Reports and Documentation

TG2 Report Mix Design Phase II

Appendix - B Task 2: Development of a Simple Triaxial Test

Appendix - C Task 3: Correlation of BSM Stiffness Part I

Appendix - E Task 5: Advanced Classification System for Cold Mixes Based on Repeated Load Permanent Deformation Triaxial Test, Part 1

Appendix - F Task 6: Advanced Classification System: Part II Temp Freq Adv Class TGX

Appendix - G Task 7: Curing Protocol: Improvement

Appendix - H Task 8: Curing Protocol: Validation

Appendix - I Task 9: Moisture Sensitivity: Part I (Improvement)

Appendix - J Task 10: Moisture Sensitivity: Part II (Validation)

Appendix - K Task 11: Durability: Ageing of bituminous binder

Appendix - L Task 12: Laboratory Compaction

Drawings for triaxial equipment

Summary of LTTP Emulsion and Foamed Bitumen Treated Sections

A Method for Consistent Classification of Materials for Pavement Rehabilitation Design

A Knowledge Based Structural Design Method for Pavements Incorporating Bituminous Stabilized Materials